About Me

I am employed by Tanjungpura University of West Kalimantan as an associate lecturer in plant ecology and conservation biology. I work at the university since 3rd October 2011. Between 2001 and 2011, I worked for the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.

At the moment, I am doing PhD in James Cook University (JCU), Queensland, Australia with the support of Australia Award Scholarship. The field of my study is botany and my research focuses on the nitrogen economies and trapping capacity of selected north Queensland Drosera.

I am interested in the ecology and conservation of endemic species particularly in the Kalimantan region. Between 2010 and 2012, I led a team to conduct a conservation project on the pitcher plant Nepenthes clipeata in West Kalimantan (Clipeata Project) supported by the Rufford Small Grant . N. clipeata is an endemic species of Mt. Kelam in West Kalimantan. The pitcher plant has encountered serious threats and pressures (e.g. illegal harvesting and forest fires). The project was inspired by a book authored by Dr. Charles Clarke.

Short video about me (2017)


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Walaupun tidak cukup lama bekerja dengan beliau di Taman Nasional Kutai, namun saya dapat menangkap idealisme yang dibawa sdr Irwan Lovadi, ide-ide yang cemerlang dengan penguatan data-data lapangan aktual. Selamat berjuang menyelamatkan karunia Tuhan bagi generasi sekarang dan yang akan lahir!

  2. saya sebegai teman sefakultas tapi lain jurusan sewaktu s1 yakni FMIPA Universitas Lampung angkatan 96, Sdr. irwan Lovadi orangnya low frofile. Saya jurusan kimia dan irwan (panggilan akrab) ngambil jurusan Biologi cukup loyal dengan ke-biologian-nya, terbukti pengambilan konsentrasi s2 nya pun linier dengan s1 nya. Dah bahkan ketika mo berngkat ke Australia pun sempat saling kontak. Saya berharap kedepan prestasi dan kariernya lebih cemerlang. Good luck!

  3. Hello Irwan, great to hear about your your work and your projects. Are you still interested in the bryophytes? I am looking for a potential collaborator along with some colleagues to work on a paper comparing a species of hornwort which is found in New Zealand and in Malaysia/Indonesia. Do you know anyone? Are you interested? Cheers

    1. Hi Chris, i am still interested in the bryophytes. i teach bryophytes at the school of biology. may i pass your message on to malesian bryophyte group?

  4. Hi Irwan,

    Thanks for passing on my request. I have had two people contact me, who are interested in hornworts and collaborating, so that is great. So thanks again. If you ever need anything from Canberra, please let me know. Chris

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