Clipeata Team

In 2010, I received the first Rufford Small Grant (RSG) for a project on “conservation of critically endangered Nepenthes clipeata on Mt. Kelam, West Kalimantan, Indonesia”.  The main activity of the project was measuring wild population of N. clipeata on Mt. Kelam. To complete the work, my fellow forestry specialist Husein Dwi Husainar and I formed a group of young and enthusiastic people in saving the carnivorous plant N. clipeata. We called the group “Clipeata Team”. Members of the group are Husein Dwi Husainar, Doni Mahyudi Erpah, Singlum, Suhendri, Zulkarnain, Gustamansyah and Hendra Deni. Members of Clipeata Team are currently working for Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam Kalimantan Barat (Agency of Nature Conservation in West Kalimantan).

Clipeata Team has carried out wild population counting of N. clipeata at ….. to …. m above sea level in 2010. We also collected data on distribution of N. clipeata on cliff faces, substrate and flower status. Census showed that there are 260 individuals dispersed in 45 coordinates. All natural hybrids of N. clipeata were excluded on counting.

Clipeata Team (Suhendri, Singlum, Zulkarnain, Husein Dwi Husainar, Irwan Lovadi, Doni Mahyudi Erpah, Gustamansyah and Hendra Deni – from the left to right)


Clipeata Team encountered N. clipeata on Mt. Kelam


Hard terrain limits the work of Clipeata Team on Mt. Kelam


Clipeata Team took a number of images of N. clipeata on Mt. Kelam. Some of them are used in campaign materials (e.g. standing banners, flyers, calendar, and stickers) during the first RSG project as well as the second RSG project of N. clipeata.


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