Clipeata Project

My colleagues and have carried out complete population counting of N. clipeata at 749 to 874 m above sea level, and collected data on distribution of N. clipeata on cliff faces, substrate and flower status. The project was supported by the Rufford Small Grant Foundation (RSGF) in 2010.

Census showed that there are 260 plants dispersed in 45 coordinates. The figure is higher than previous estimation by M. Jebb mentioning that there were only 15 plants left on Mt Kelam in 1995. Most plants encountered during the census are unreachable plants, and found at the altitudes ranging from xxx to xxx above sea level (altitudes removed). We also observed that several plants produce flowers, and most of them are male. We only found one coordinate where both male and female plants grow together.

We also conducted school visit and village meeting programs. Most students were enthusiastic attending the programme. During the activities, we disseminated campaign materials to the students (e.g. keyrings and t-shirts). Posters of the project were attached to school’s notice boards. During the village meeting program, We delivered talks about conservation in general and conservation of N. clipeata on Mt. Kelam. Discussion between participants and speakers during the meetings were recorded to see how local people response to current conservation status of N. clipeata. We distributed campaign materials to the participants (e.g. keyrings, flyers, posters and t-shirts) as well.

I have applied for the Second Rufford Small Grant for a project entitled “promoting the conservation of critically endangered Nepenthes clipeata in West Kalimantan. I do hope that the RSGF could support my proposed project to save N. clipeata from extinction.


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